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Saturday, July 18, 2009

kenali PISANG UK

::En Hamidi Abd Rahman ( Pengerusi PISANG UK)::

Intro KHAS ~

PISANG is the acronym for Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group. It is a not-for-profit organisation registered in England.

PISANG provides services to everyone regardless of religion, sex, age or race. Although we follow Islamic guidelines in providing our services, you do not have to embrace the Islamic faith to benefit from our services.

Pisang has 3 main objectives:

1. To promote Islamic Medical Practice. Pisang believes that some diseases are caused by Jinn (unseen creation of God) and these creatures can cause physical illnesses or psychological changes in human behaviour. The western medical discipline does not recognise Jinn can cause illnesses. This is a weakness in their disease diagnosis methodology, making it impossible to give the correct treatment if the diagnosis itself is wrong.

Pisang view that those affected by Jinn can also display a change in behaviour and in most cases will require proper support and counselling. Pisang promotes the use of alternative therapy using Islamic medical practice which has no side effect on the patient. This will be combined with proper counselling service to fasten the path to recovery.

Through our research activities, our research section aims to bridge the western medical discipline and Islamic medical treatment discipline.

2. To provide support and nurture. Pisang believes that people can be moulded to be an asset to the community through proper and systematic support and nurture programme. Pisang will use Islamic values and teachings in the programme with emphasis on community relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the need for Muslims to be proactive in the British community and be partners in nation-building.

Pisang promotes Civilisational Islam. Civilisational Islam is a holistic approach of Islam, taking account of various aspects including human capital development, knowledge enhancement, and other disciplines needed for nation-building. Civilisational Islam can be an effective method of convincing our youth to think about problem-solving and nation building and move away from unproductive rhetorics that can lead to extremism.

The following individuals are advisors to Pisang on Civilisational Islam:

a) Prof. Dr Sidek Baba, International Islamic University Malaysia. He is also a member of the advisory panel on Civilisational Islam for the Malaysian government.

b) Prof. Dr. Yusof Othman, Director of Institute of Civilisational Islam, National University of Malaysia. He is also a member of the advisory panel on Civilisational Islam for the Malaysian government.

3. To provide counselling services.

Over the years Pisang members have contributed in various aspects to the community:
1. Mobilisation of the resident Malay community in the UK to be more pro-active in their local community, regardless of ethnicity or religion (since 2002)
2. Nurturing Muslim youths (Malays and non-Malays) (since 2003)
3. Leadership programme for girls (2008)
4. Intellectual Discourse on Civilisational Islam (2008)
5. Provide marital counselling
6. Provide parenting counselling to single parents
7. Leadership training for Malay students
8. Teaching Islam to disconnected (hard-to-reach) Muslim converts
9. Counselling for youth with family problems

Registration Number: 06588332

Address: 7 Falcon Mead, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 6XE
Tel: 05601 166564
Fax: 01869 250840


Antara maklumat yang boleh dibaca ~

Islamic Medical Treatment and Mental Health ~

The jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment exercises done by PISANG in the last few months have brought some interesting aspects on the relationship between jinn infliction and mental health problems. To date several people with mental illness/mental health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression have been tested positive to have jinn-affliction.

Our method for testing jinn-infliction is non-intrusive and is achieved through the recitation of selected verses of the Quran on the person. The verses are read aloud and those who have been inflicted will experience various feeling such as sharp pain, heaviness on the shoulder, sharp increase in heartbeat, hot etc. As this method involves feedback from those being screened, it removes any suspicion that our diagnosis of jinn-affliction is a hoax. Sceptics who have been attending our jinn-screening sessions have also been silenced.

We are keen to have people with mental health problems to undergo a programme of Islamic Medical Treatment whilst they continue with their prescribed medication, if any. The Islamic Medical Treatment programme will use a holistic approach and will comprise of, but not restricted to, Ruqyah Syar'iyyah methodology, talking therapy and plan of actions for the patients.

Ruqyah Shar'iyyah is a non-intrusive Islamic Medical Treatment methodology through the recitation of selected Quranic verses on the patient. As the Quranic verses are read aloud, patients and carers will feel comfortable that our methodology is in accordance with Islamic guidelines. This is not just our view but also the view of those who have attended our jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment sessions. It is therefore not surprising that we are continuing to receive numerous requests for more mobile clinics to be organised. However our limited financial resources means that most of the requests could not be fulfilled.

The number of people with Mental Health problems that we have is still very small, making it impossible to do a proper scientific study. We hope more people with Mental Illness / Mental Health problems will contact us and benefit from Islamic Medical Treatment. PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation and one of our objectives is to promote Islamic Medical Practice. This can be achieved through the publication of our research activities.

PISANG follows Islamic guidelines in Islamic Medical Treatment and patients do not have to embrace the Islamic faith to benefit from our services.

Kajian yang telah dibuat oleh Us Trimizi di Mesir ~


Alarming figures from Egypt jinn-screening sessions

Ustaz Trimizi Zainal, Deputy Chairman of PISANG (Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group), arrived in the UK today and will be here for about 2 months. He will be conducting PISANG Islamic Medical Treatment courses and will hold several mobile clinics throughout the UK during his stay here.

Prior to his arrival, he was in Cairo where he conducted Islamic Medical Treatment courses and held mobile clinics targeting Malaysian students (Islamic Studies and Medical students) studying there. Some disturbing figures that were obtained from the mobile clinics are as below:

Number of students screened: about 1,200
Students with sihir (black magic) cases: 114
Students with jinn affliction: 153
Students suffering from severe stress/depression: 48
TOTAL number of students with problems: 315 (about 26%)

Egypt has about 8,000 Malaysian students and with an assumption that 26% of them have similar problems, this will translate to 2,080 students. The Malaysian embassy in Cairo was equally alarmed with the figures.

We have not done this scale of jinn-screening in the UK amongst Malaysian students and their dependencies. It may turn out that the figures are equally alarming.

If you would like PISANG to hold mobile clinics in your locality, please contact us via email info @ or via our online "Contact Us" webform. Just like scanning your PC for viruses, there is nothing to lose if there is no problem. In fact it will give you peace of mind. If we find problems, treatment can be given promptly.

On the other hand, if you have been afflicted by jinn and jinn-screening has not been done, your condition may get worse and goes unnoticed over the years. Problems may only be noticeable after the medical condition has deteriorated to a critical condition and by that time treatment will be more difficult or ineffective. DON'T WAIT TILL IT'S TOO LATE. REGISTER FOR JINN-SCREENING NOW at

PISANG does not charge any fee for screening or treatment. However we welcome any amount of donation to sustain and expand our operations. PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation registered in England.

::Setiap orang inginkan kebahagiaan hidup::

Shattirs : Bagi saya selain objektif untuk memperkenalkan Perubatan Islam di seluruh dunia,pihak PISANG juga mempunyai banyak perancangan yang telah dirancang bagi memperluaskan skop ekonomi mahupun dakwah untuk golongan Islam dan bukan Islam.

Usaha murni untuk membantu golongan yang mengalami masalah - masalah seperti ganguan sihir,makhluk halus,histeria dan ganguan mental perlulah dijayakan bersama.Bayangkan sepatutnya mereka-mereka ini berjaya didalam apa jua lapangan ujian kehidupan.Maka dengan sebab itulah PISANG ditubuhkan.

Kebiasaanya pada fatrah peperiksaan, golongan yang mengalami sakit ini akan menerima kesanya.Mereka menjadi sukar untuk mengulangkaji pelajaran bahkan mana mungkin untuk memberikan fokus dan tumpuan untuk menghadapi peperiksaan.Oleh itu,Saya mengharapkan dengan kewujudan PISANG di bumi Mesir ini sedikit sebanyak akan membantu mereka-mereka yang perlu diberikan pertolongan mahupun dirawat supaya tidak ada sesiapapun yang digangu oleh makhluk halus mahupun disihir dan sebagainya.

Semua orang tidak pernah terpikir tentang ini.?bahkan tidak ada usaha untuk melihat apatahlagi untuk memulihkan golongan yang kebanyakannya perempuan dari kejahatan iblis atau syaitan ini (JIN).Percayalah sesuatu penyakit itu akan baik jika ada usaha dan ikhtiar yang berterusan selain doa yang tidak putus-putus.Allah tidak menurunkan penyakit kepada manusia,bahkan Allah juga menurunkan ubatnya kecuali mati.

InsyaAllah untuk merialisasikan hasrat murni ini,pihak PISANG MESIR akan bekerjasama dengan PMRAM.Mudah-mudahan ada baiknya untuk kita semua.Amin ~


Punca-punca gangguan Makhluk Halus ~

Jika diteliti, terdapat beberapa punca yang menyebabkan berlakunya gangguan-gangguan makhlus halus. Gangguan makhluk halus ini disebabkan beberapa perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh masyarakat Islam sendiri menyebabkan mereka mudah diresapi serta diganggu oleh makhluk halus ini. Antara perbuatan berkenaan ialah:

a) Tidak taat kepada Allah, meninggalkan sembahyang, tidak menjaga amalan dan ibadah serta melakukan sesuatu pekara bukan kerana Allah.

b) Menyanyi di dalam bilik air sewaktu mandi dan tidak membeca doa masuk ke tandas atau bilik air.

c) Rumah-rumah dihiasi dengan patung-patung hiasan, gambar-gambar lucah dan alat-alat yang melalaikan umat Islam. Di samping itu terdapat lambang salib (lambang agama kristian) pada gambar-gambar, lantai rumah atau dinding-dinding.

d) Masuk ke dalam rumah yang gelap, telah lama ditinggalkan dan tidak berpenghuni tanpa membaca Bismillah. Ini kerana golongan jin suka berada pada tempat-tempat gelap dan yang lama ditinggalkan.

e) Membuang air panas, membuang air kecil ke dalam lubang air (saluran pvc bilik mandi). Dikhuatiri golongan jin berada di kawasan tersebut kerana ia sukakan tempat yang kotor.

f) Terlalu takut kepada jin dan syaitan sehingga menjadi lemah semangat (lebih takutkan makhluk Allah daripada takutkan Yang Maha Pencipta).

g) Golongan wanita yang suka menangis, merintih, putus asa dan kecewa sebelum masuk tidur dan suka berhias (bersolek) berlebih-lebihan (dikhuatiri mudah terkena histeria).

h)Terlalu memikirkan benda itu(oleh itu jangalah terlau memikirkan benda berkaitan dengan makhluk halus ini.

Shattirs : Setelah tubuh anda discan dengan ayat-ayat Ruqyah,perhatikan jika anda terasa panas,batuk,terasa mual,jantung berdegup kencang,terasa berdebar-debar,ada benda bergerak-gerak dibawah kulit,sendawa,mengantuk,pening dan menguap..maka sahlah badan anda dihuni JIN.

P/S : Amalkan zikir diatas ( 100x ) tiap2 pagi & petang selama sebulan,insyaAllah diri anda akan dipagar dan gangguan jin pun akan beransur hilang.

Tanta Scan.TANTA
MESIR 10.15 a.m

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Monday, July 13, 2009


Shattirs :Gambar-gambar sekitar mesyuarat bersama PISANG MESIR & PISANG UK ~

::Selesaikan kerja sebelum pulang::

::Selesai perbincangan::

::Sedang menyemak sijil dan ijazah::

Dari kiri::En Hamidi(PISANG UK),Qurratul akyun(PISANG UK)::

::dari kiri Zulhusni(N9),Hafiz(Melaka),Ahmad(Brunei),Helmi(Perak),Hafis(Selangor),Fakhurrazi(Penang)

::Penulis bersama Us Trimizi::

::Perbincangan sedang rancak dijalankan::

Dari kiri:;Us Trimizi,Us Jais kamus(Timb Mufti Selangor),shattirs,Hafis::

Shattirs : Minta maaf saya tidak dapat menyiarkan gambar Sarah Hamidi (Kaunselor PISANG UK).Wajahnya sama macam bekas pengacara Majalah 3 ~ yg pakai tudung la ~

Untuk makluman juga,Pertubuhan Pisang ialah NGO Darussyifa' di luar negara yang didaftarkan di Oxford,UNITED KINGDOM.

Kepulangan Ustaz Trimizi Zainal Ke Tanah Air
Tarikh : 13/7/2009 ~

~ Kami selaku wakil PISANG Mesir mengucapkan setinggi- tinggi ucapan terima kasih atas jasa dan sumbangan Ustaz Trimizi kepada kami , semoga Allah S.W.T. membalas budi beliau dengan sebaik-baik balasan . Jazakallahu Khair .

5.30 P.M

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[Update] Pisang Mesir ~

Shattirs : Alhamdulillah program dialog di rumah Melaka telah berjaya dilaksanakan.Terima kasih kepada semua akan-rakan ahli Pisang Mesir .

5 soalan yang ditanya telah membuatkan sister Sarah Hamidi tersenyum panjang dan brother Qurratul Akyun tersenyum lebar ^_^.i think it's very important for us .i hope we can meet together once again.insha-Allah.i',m still waiting.

Saya suka mendengar sister Sarah Hamidi bercakap dalam bahasa dan lahjah English UK.InsyaAllah United Kingdom here i come ..Phd Course ~

Maklumat FORUM ~

Tajuk : " Criticism on Islam : Freedom of speech or freedom to insult ?" (Dalam Bahasa Inggeris) Bersama Sarah Hamidi Dan Qurratu Akyun dari PISANG UK .
Bertempat : Rumah Melaka
Tarikh : Ahad , 12 Julai 2009
Jam : Selepas Asar

Shattirs : Alhamdulillah,semalam juga telah diadakan perjumpaan Ajk Pisang Mesir bersama dengan us Trimizi (Penaung),En Hamidi Abd rahman (Pisang UK) ,Us Jais Kamus (Timbalan Mufti Selangor) dan perwakilan Bkan serta DPM .

Antara intipati perbincangan semalam (Bilik Mesyuarat Rumah N9):12/7/09 ~

1) Muhasabah program yang lepas.
2) Memantapkan Carta Organisasi Pisang Mesir.
3) Perancangan gerak kerja jangka pendek & jangka panjang.
4) Menetapkan strategi yang berkesan untuk membawa Tuan Guru Prof Dato Dr Haron Din dan rombongan ke bumi Mesir untuk mengadakan kursus Perubatan Islam (jangkaan bulan 2/3 2010).
5) Perbincangan pendaftaran dengan JPMK ~Kedutaan (Safarah) ~
6) Hubungan (link)dengan Persatuan PMRAM .perbincangan kerjasama untuk program mega tahun hadapan.

InsyaAllah perbincangan lanjut akan diadakan antara kepimpinan Pisang Mesir.

Untuk makluman semua dari ustazah Samirah(S/U) -> Perjumpaan Ajk Pisang dan perwakilan Bkan & DPM pada 25/7/2009,selepas solat zuhur (tempat akan dimaklumkan kemudian).

Shattirs : Bagi mereka yang pulang ke bumi Malaysia,jangan khuatir,insyaAllah Us Trimizi akan datang semula ke bumi Mesir pada bulan 11 ni untuk mengadakan Kursus Perubatan Siri 1 di Damanhur&Tanta (dalam perbincangan)dan Siri 2(akan ditentukan kemudian).Juga ijazah mereka yang ditahan kerana pulang ke Tanah Air dan tidak mengikuti Siri 2.HARAP MAKLUM ~

Galleri Program
: Peranan & Cabaran Mahasiswa Islam Merentasi Arus Globalisasi ~DMAK~


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Makluman Program Pisang MESIR [Updated]

:: Majlis Penutup Kursus Perubatan Islam siri 1 & 11 ::

PROGRAM : Peranan & Cabaran Mahasiswa Islam Merentasi Arus Globalisasi
TARIKH : 11 JULAI 2009
TEMPAT : Dewan Malaysia Abbasiah Kaherah
Masa : 9.00 A.M – 12.00 A.M
2.00 P.M – 5.00 P.M

Forum 1 : Peranan & Cabaran Mahasiswa Islam Merentasi Arus Globalisasi
Pengerusi : Ustaz Mat Jaiz Kamus , Timbalan Mufti Selangor

Ahli Panel 1 : Ustaz Haji Abdullah Bin Mat ( Pegawai JAKIM Kaherah)
Ahli Panel 2 : Prof Dr.Jamil B. Hashim
Ahli Panel 3 : Hamidi B.Abdul Rahmad (Chairman PISANG & Presiden Persatuan Masyarakat Melayu United Kingdom)

Forum 2 : Menghadapi Cabaran & Kemodenan Dan Isu Semasa : Peranan Dan Gelombang Suara Mahasiswa Di Kacamata Dunia

Pengerusi : Ustaz Ishak Bin Othman
Ahli Panel 1 : Ustaz Trimizi Bin Zainal
Ahli Panel 2 : Dr. Azreen Ezainy Bin Mohmad Sallih
Ahli Panel 3 : Qurratu Akyun Bin Daud

Maklumat lanjut layarilah laman blog PISANG-MESIR ~

::Ustazah Samirah (S/U) menerima sijil & ijazah :: Wakil PISANG MESIR

Perlantikan pada 7th July 2009
Bertempat Di Rumah Negeri Sembilan

Penaung : Ustaz Trimizi Bin Zainal al-Hafiz

Penasihat 1
: Ustaz Zainuddin Abd Rahman

Penasihat 2 : Ustaz Halim B. Saljabi.

: Us Mohd Nizam B. Noor Sham

Timb.Pengrusi : Ustazah Nur Asiah Bt Yusof

S/u : Ustazah Samirah Wazali

T.S/u : Ustazah Khairunnisa' Bt Yusof.

Bendahari : Ustaz Mokhtar B Mahadi

: Ustazah Tuty Alawiyah Bt Ahmad

Pengarah Perubatan : Ustaz Shahrul Hisham Zulkifli.

Biro Kerohanian : Ustaz Ak. Ahmad Hasanuddin B Pengiran Hj Tajuddin

Biro Latihan : Ustaz Nazmi B Osman

Biro Klinikal : Ustaz Mohd Farhan B Abd Rashid.

Biro Kaunseling : Ustaz Mohd Yusof Hawasy B Abdullah Najid.

Pengarah Perancang : Ustaz Ibrahim B Abd Wahab.

Penerangan/Multimedia : Ustaz Khalid B Rahmat.

Perhubungan : Ustaz Hj Mohd Helmi B Hj Che Fauzi.

Pengurusan /Penyelarasan : Ustaz Megat Mohd Zaid

Pengarah Penyelidikan
: En Johari ~ JPMK ~

Pembangunan : Ustaz Zulhusni B Abd Rashid.

Penyiasat/Penilaian : Ustaz Abd Hafidz B Abd Aziz

Biro kanan/Pengumpulan Data : Ustaz Farhan b Abd Rashid

Tanta Scan.Mesir

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